Coach scandal

When I was 23 I coached teens and became involved with two of the 16 year old girls. One just had a crush on me, which I exploited for easy s** on numerous occasions. She always kept our secret. The other girl I became involved with, and at 17 she moved in with me, of course I was out of coaching at that time. Her parents were enraged, but her age was legal in my state, at least in the 80's.

24 and 18 when it all ended, which by itself doesn't sound that unnatural. But my position as coach, responsible for young people, which I exploited to elicit s** from minors (even though legal, was horribly wrong!) - I feel now like I got away with murder or something. I robbed from Karma - I never spent one day in jail. I should have, that's for sure. Had I, maybe I wouldn't still be thinking about all this, 25 years later. God, humanity & universe please forgive me.

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  • Right with you. I coached girls basketball and softball, usually for younger ones, but, one year for basketball, had older, 17-18 year olds. We had big camps first, then broke into teams. I was coaching the older girls in dribbling drills, and, one girl..Could tell, more mature, physically and socially than the rest, just caught my eye. She'd lean over to do the drill, and my eyes would look right down her shirt.

    Found out she was 18, but, since moved, couldn't graduate yet, so, had that last year of high school left. Very pretty girl, tanned, soft skin.. Looked more like a college junior than high school senior. They put her on my team (bad move), so I ended up spending hours and hours with and around her. One night, after practice, I'm locking up the gym, waiting for all the girls to clear out so I can go home.

    She was in the middle of the floor, apparently waiting for her ride or another girl to take her home. Neither happened, so, I ended up offering, mostly to get us out of the gym. We're on the highway, and, she gets into the "do you like me" type conversation, reaching her hand to my leg as I drive. Figuring I had her alone, she was 18, and, made the first move, I made the decision..My apartment, then take her home.

    I had sx with her, my 18 year old, but "youth" basketball player, and really enjoyed it, as did she. We did keep it going through the season, more or less, without anyone catching on (although I do think one of girls suspected..she asked why the 18 year old always sat next to me on the bench when not playing). Did I feel guilty? Yes, a bit. But, got over it.

  • There's no such thing as karma.

  • you're good now. i'm sure you've racked yourself with guilt and karma's already taken it's toll on you in other ways. society in america is f***** up anyway. in other countries you're good to go.

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