In a constant battle with myself...

I constantly picture the people I love dying. It's always very brutal and violent, and extremely vivid. This started in 7th grade and won't go away...I'm now 14 and in the middle of my freshman year. I can't get these images out of my head. Sometimes they move me to tears, other times I want to lash out in fits of rage. Last year I began cutting occasionally, when it gets really bad and I need release.
This is something I cannot control and I want it to stop. Now it's to the point where I can hardly sleep, because I'm afraid of seeing these images. But whenever I go to others for help, they say "Oh, it's just because you're pessimist." But if they saw what went on in my head...
I really don't know what to do anymore. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm afraid.

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  • same here.except sometimes i laugh about it because part of me want people i know to die

  • One more vote for OCD. I have a similar problem.

  • dont be frightened, you are NOT schizophrenic

    OCD and schizophrenia are very different, schizophrenia contains loud uncontrollable voices and hallucinations, incoherent thought, strange speech and complete loss of reality

    OCD is commonly mixed up with schizophrenia but
    OCD is an over active side of your brain conjuring up images and thoughts, it is too much dopamine in the brain and there are so many different ways to help it! God bless you!1

  • Please please listen to me, I know what this is! I WAS IN YOUR EXACT POSITION, the images, thoughts you cant escape and that wont leave your mind,


    Please look it up or talk to someone or go to your doctor...
    OCD is a common mental affliction these days and can be dealt with in many ways, dont suffer in silence!

    God bless you

  • Have you ever thought you might be schizophernic........

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