Got naked to get back at my BF

Me and my BF got into a fight. He is so possasive and jealous. He often gets mad when other guys look at me. Like when we go out to a club and i dress in a nice sexy outfit and he sees guys checking me out he gets really annoyed and we fight and and end up having a crappy time. Its gotten to the point to where i cant stand it anymore. The other day we got into this big fight. So to get even what i have done is my the bedroom window faces a lot of other apartaments on the hill across from us and everyone there can see into the bedroom if they want to. For the past two nites i turn all the lights on and leave the curtains wide open for anyone to see. And i have been walking around naked or i just lay on the bed also naked and watch tv. This part may sound strange but i think I can feel people watching me. I did this for about an hour each time before he gets home since he is out with his friends. It feels good to get back at him this way.

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