I just realized that while everyone

I just realized that while everyone else is experimenting and doing crazy s***, I'm stuck at home, making a confession. I could be out doing something crazy and daring, but what would I rather do? Sit on my ass and let complete strangers read my dark and o-so juicy secrets.
Well here it is. I think I'm pathetic. I hope you got the hints from what I just wrote, but I really do think I'm pathetic. Not because I'm a lameass for sitting at home, but because I'm never going to go out and experience a defining moment that will actually set me apart from boy to man.

Really I just want to meet a girl who's just going to be as inexperienced as I am so I don't feel too bad.

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  • Wow.

    I wrote this confession a few years ago and I'm not really sure what to feel about my post. I got an email and I read it now and it almost seems like it's written from a different person.

    I don't know what I should say, what I want to say, but I think this should be enough:
    Life is good.

    Thank you all. It's good to know that I am loved, even if I hardly know you.

    I love you too.

  • relax, get out and get involved in life. Do you like sports? join a sports team or coach one. You will meet so many people. Life has so much for you, just don't stress out. Go and seek social settings and let the rest happen naturally

  • i feel exactly the same as you.

    youre not alone.

    we can get through this.

  • S*** son. Well I wrote this confession a while back. And I'm pretty surprised that I wrote that. Not that I'm ashamed. I'm just saying that I was depressed. I'm sorry if you didn't understand how I was feeling. It was just a hard time for me.

    But its gotten better. Been going out, no girls, but just having a good time. Nothing hardcore, but its slow and I like it. Thanks for all of you who commented.

  • LOL, well, why don't you just get your ass up then?????????? No one is forcing you to sit on the computer, and your confession sucks.

  • Your pathetic get a life

  • awww

  • I dont think you'll have a problem finding a girl an inexperienced as you.

    Trust me...

    There are many.

  • It's not pathetic that you sit on a computer and surf all day. It's pathetic that you know it's pathetic and not doing something about it. You just diagnosed your own problem now fix it. You had the smarts to realize that you are not getting what you want by sitting down all day and surfing the web, so get up and go to a club, amusement part, or just a park in general and surf the web their on a laptop or as the earlier poster said an internet cafe or something. But now that you know there's no excuse


  • Yeh I feel the same way especially when my best friend told me similar things yesterday. I'm a girl. But I guess I lived. I've got a history that I don't wanna repeat but I stil feel as though I'm wasting these days away....

  • Stop surfing on your computer, and surf at a cafe or something like that. You never know who you'll meet.

  • Understood.

    Everyone needs excitement in their lives.

  • Yeah me too. Except I'm a girl.

  • You need a little courage and confidence. It may be a little awkward initially, but guess what? It has been awkward for every person on this planet forever.

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