My Husband's a Wimp

I've been happily married for a couple years now and I love my husband but he's kind of a wimp. I've always known that he has confrontation issues but I never realized how much they bothered me until one of my neighbors stood up for me against someone that was giving me a hard time. It was SO HOT! My husband would never do that! So here's the pathetic part. Now I totally have a crush on said neighbor and I'm like creepishly stalking him from my living room window.
It feels so wrong, we're both married and have kids but I feel like I'm back in JR High. I actually feel drunk and giddy after I talk to him.

I'm so pathetic!


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  • Stand up for yourself - don't you have any guts. I am sure you made your husband into a wimp

  • What a f****** a******! You don't know the situation, you are probably some wimpy ass dude with a tiny d***! You are one of those guys women don't look at!

  • Nothing is wrong with you, except you are in love with that other guy and you need to start an affair with him. Let him know how you feel and get on that m************ MAN! Make him knock your ass up.


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  • Hero worship, plain and simple. I helped out a slender, actually very attractive, MILF-y woman at a bar one night, just really getting a dude to leave her alone, and now, every time she's there..Comes right to me, tells me how good and cute a guy I am, always gives me a hug and quick kiss, and usually mentions that night. Not like I beat up a barfull of guys for her; All I did was talk to one stupid, probably drunk guy, and tell him, hey, stay away from her, she has enough going on, and, if you don't, the bar will call the police.

    She saw and sees it as a knight in shining armor thing.. The attention I get from her is nice and all, but..Kind of annoying, too. I can't eat, have a beer, or talk to my friends, because she's all over me.

  • Nothing

  • Honestly,the only thing wrong with you is that you have not had a chance to f*** me and stand up for you when your hubby confronts you or us about it.

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