They Broke Up!!!

My ex girlfriend and I have two sons together. Over the summer, she left me for an ex boyfriend. It hurt me so badly that I am still in pain. I cannot concentrate on much and I think I might even flank my graduate school class.

We have been separated for around 3 months today. For weeks after we broke up, all she could talk about was how great this person was. I never said much, I just listened about how sweet and loving this person was and how much better than me he was. I always told her I wished her well because she said she never loved me and was with me for the kids.

Last week, she antagonized me over a small amount of money and we said very mean things about each other. I used the argument time wisely and told her how wrong I thought she was in the way she handled the whole affair. I even accused her of neglecting to ask how the new boyfriend's wife, and mother of his kids, died mysteriously months back. I told her a lot and all she kept doing is ignoring it and saying bad things about my older daughters.

Last night, while talking to a relative of hers, I found out that my ex girlfriend and the person had broken up a while back and they no longer talk. She could not tell me why they broke up but I was shocked. The shock came from the fact that my ex said she finally met the right person, was already planning to marry him this coming May and had said she had made the right choice. She made it sounds as if she had the whole world in her palms.

Since she is the mother of my kids, I feel bad for her because I wanted her relationship to succeed so that her and my kids can be happy. She uplifted this person to the sky and made me feel like the scum of the earth. However, I kept my cool, because I could not believe that a woman I cared so much about could be so mean and insensitive to her kids and me.

I am not happy that they broke up; I am shocked because she sounded so sure of this relationship and treated me so badly that I am ashamed to tell even my friends. She continues to be mean to me every chance she gets. I prayed for her today and will continue to do so.

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  • You are unbelievably compassionate person. I wish you only the best in life and may you find true love.

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