Racist joke

There are 3 guys walking down the beach ones a white guy ones a black guy and the others a mexican. their walking along and they find a lamp in the sand they rub the lamp and a genie pops out and says you each get one wish. the n***** says "i want all my people to go back to africa and be happy and prosperous and the n***** disapears with all the other n******. the mexican says "i want all my people to go back to mexico and be happy and prosperous" and the beaner dissapears along with all the other beaners. the white guy says "wait all the beaners and n****** are out of america" the genie says yes then the white guy says "i`ll have a coke".

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  • Oh come on guys, it's a joke. LAUGH IT UP.

  • Hey loser heres ma joke listen :

    Why n***** dont get trainig of "NINJA",duuno why? cuz at night they r already in stealth mode, until they laugh to show their yellow teeth.

    F*** u dumbass.

  • Stupid joke its rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!lol just kidding great shiz

  • You didn't make that up, it's on boondock saints, but good try loser

  • way to be original. I think it was funnier when it was used in BOONDOCK SAINTS... dumbass

  • With all the things on this site you would think racism wouldnt be a big deal. oh and rofl

  • A******.

  • Liar.

  • Origional poster here im a black guy and i made that up. haha

  • Dunno if comment is legit or not since posts are anonymous, but if it is, you are a boss haha

  • A******.

  • You should better get yourself psychiatric help.

  • this is confessionpost not jokepost

  • Is that a site

  • Sorry, I forgot laugh.

  • it actually would have been funny had you left out the racial slurs. no need to change the language. keep your day job.

  • Yeah it was kinda funny. It doesn't excuse the fact that your a d*********.

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