Crush out of control

I work in a cofee and baguette place in a station I've always wanted to be a head barrister I always make the coffee for my unit so it is reconised that I'm good at it. our old boss is a head barrister she is leaving very soon I want to ask her how she got her job and if she can advice me but I'm bisexual and I have such a crush on her that I can't seem to talk to her without blushing or looking at her inappropiately everytime I picture the scene of me asking her I imagine starting what I want to say but then walking away mid setence because I'm to flustered to finish or I've checked her out so many times and I become so embrassed and I run would be such a shame that I could miss out on a great oppertunity all because I can't control myself it makes me want to hurt myself.

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  • If you want a shot at her you need to develop confidence. That includes the ability to move forward in a positive way when things don't go the way you want without being a neurotic t*** who threatens to hurt herself.

  • What ^this guy^ said. Also, learn how to spell. Do you think "barrister" and "barista" are the same thing? If so, perhaps suicide is the best option.

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