I actually did this

I went to a party last night and started to get a little drunk. I went to the bathroom and after I had peed, I dipped all of their toothbrushes in the toilet...in my pee. Just because I could. I feel horrible today and can't stop thinking about why I would do something so awful to people I like. They hosted this wonderful party and I actually did that to them.

Dec 17, 2011

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  • I peed on one of my ex-wife's friend's toothbrush once, but that was mostly b/c I hated the woman and she was no fan of myself, either. Used their private office bathroom while visiting for lunch one day, and they had their own separate, labeled personal care items. Saw her cup labeled "Belle", and decided..Let's squirt on her brush.

  • maybey your like me,maybey u have a split personality and drinking triggers ur bad side...

    for me,anything to do with torture brings my bad side to life...

  • Perhaps usually you're very kind, but sort of feel that you have to me. Maybe the intoxication made you feel free from those obligations, and you took that freedom too far. I'm not gonna lie that is pretty disgustingly awful.

  • Perhaps you have a twisted dual personality, maybe you need help. Or maybe the next time you feel the urge to do something like that, don't. That's really a horrible thing to do.

  • that's because you're an arsehole.

  • Actually I'm not. I have always been this incredibly giving and kind person. I have never done anything like that in my whole life. I think that is why I felt the need to post that on here. It was just so out of character and weird for me to do that.

  • Alcohol acts as a depressant on our nervous systems, and as a result we tend to become less inhibited and behave in baser, "truer" ways. The key to understanding why you behaved like this might lie in examining what it was that you felt while doing it. Was it excitement...satisfaction...jealousy? Whatever the source of it is, feeling guilt over it may prevent you from behaving similarly in the future, but the root cause is likely to never be fully resolved unless you take a brutally honest examination of what may have been uncovered through the damping of your usual mental "braking" system. Address the underlying "dark" motives that led you to behave this way and you will find that you have the power to remain in control of your behavior (i.e., not do bad things) regardless of how much alcohol you drink.

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