I kinda wish i was pregnant. i want to be a mom. i want him to have a reason to change. i want us to have someone to change us :(

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  • DON'T DO IT!!!! Trust me!!! I have 3 kids and my marriage is WAY worse now than before we had kids. They just cause more stress on us and give us less time together. The pregnancies gave me stretch marks and flabby skin that make me avoid s** because I hate the way I look now. We have 5 mouths to feed instead of 2. If you're not 100% ready and dedicated to being a mother then you need to wait. If you want him to change and he isn't willing then you need to find someone else. Not have a baby with someone who you really don't love anyway.

  • If he's an a******, DON'T have a baby with him. If you do, you'll have a s***** boyfriend and a baby with an absent dad, who will be unhappy.
    Stop fantasizing about changing him, go find yourself someone better. People NEVER change. People act as if they had changed, but they never do.
    Take it from me, my mom thought that my dad was a good person, and a good husband, and when she gave birth to me, she realized that he was a crappy father. From that moment on, he only got more and more distant with every second that went by. So, please, don't do something you'll regret.

  • It's not the baby's job to change anyone-- it's a BABY. It's YOUR job to change yourself, his job to change HIMself. And if he doesn't WANT to then don't put it on a poor helpless infant who will be at the mercy of naive people who retardedly think it's someone else's job to make them better people.

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