Racist Parents

I'm a 16 year old Asian girl. My parents are the traditional conservative strict Asian parents. They expect me to be a good girl that gets great grades and gets into a good college. I live in a very hispanic neighborhood with a very low graduation rate and my parents expect me to outshine the hispanics in terms of grades.
My parents are extremely racist to anyone who is not of our ethnicity. They ridicule every other race and it bothers me to no end. It embarrasses me when they treat someone badly because of their race because I believe everyone should be equal. They almost forbid me from hanging out with any race except our own and it just makes me so angry. When I hang out with a boy of my race, they don't even care. He could be a drug addict and thug but as long as he's "like us", they'll let me sleepover or go somewhere with him. They don't care. But if I want to go out with my hispanic GIRL friend, who has a 4.0 GPA and is a key club officer, they immediately decline and forbid me because she's hispanic.
It's so frustrating and it makes me angry that I'm related to people who can't even accept other human beings. Racism is one of the things that I cannot tolerate yet my parents are the most judgemental racists I've ever met.

Dec 23, 2011

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  • I'm glad that you aren't racist.

  • Classist** i meant to say

  • I am so sorry for you that you had to experience this. My mom is black and my dad is white. I come from a very multiracial family and I wish everyone could have the same kind of inspiring family dynamic I had growing up, where people's race doesn't matter. Having said that, my family is pretty shallow and classier so I supose there will always be discrimination in some form or another:(

  • I'm sorry ur parents are like that, but then again coming from a black family my mother and sister are like that too. So i know where ur coming from since they expect me to date a black "sista" which im not for since i strongly believe in diversity. Once you get to college u'll be surrounded by many different nationalities and it's a great experience i recommend to anyone on their way to college. I actually met a girl who told me her family would shun her if she brought home a black boyfriend.. but that never stopped her from watching me play football shirtless :P

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