Crazy spot to be in

The possibility of me having another child out there, In fact it doesn't scare me one bit , because the wonderful person that would be carrying it is my long time best friend , the only person i trust and pretty much the only person that i could ever love. I easily admit that i really don't have feelings but how i feel around her just isn't a feeling alone its more like its a part of me , when she is gone i feel empty and depressed , when she is around i feel complete and happy. Ive had a goal for the past ten years that i would do anything to make her smile anything to make her happy , ive been so close to her for the past ten years that i would defend her in any situation . I had a feeling that she was special ten years ago and nothing has changed at all to this day . im drawn to her like a moth to the bug zapper. Ive always said that i would never fall completely for anybody but i know for a fact that ive been beaten . now all i do is wait patiently to see if this is what life has in store for me.

Oct 13, 2010

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  • Another kid?!?!?!?! How many do you have? No don't worry, my taxes will help out, they always do.

  • ive got 1 and your taxes don't mean s*** , what ive paid in over the years is more than you will ever make kiddo.

  • I like when people talk about how rich they are online, like we'll ever know the truth.

  • noone said anything about being rich having money and being rich is two diff things ill tell u the diff having money means you work for it being rich is having money work for you;)

  • Wow, you jerks always have to play who has the biggest d***, dude is worried about his possible kid, not your money or taxguy's worries.

  • Well good for you! Now if you can only stop the people who have like six kids and counting, then I'll stop making the comments!

  • just bc some people make babies when they cant afford them dont mean everyone does

  • HA i happen to know this confession this would be his second and your tax money dont do me s***

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