I hate people sometimes. Like, honestly. I wish I could turn all people into something harmless, like goldfish.....Not really, but still. It's usually just this stupid s*** that people get over obsessive about. Like, on Facebook. When girls do that stupid "Truth is...." stuff, there lying lie, all the time. So my friend actually told this total b**** at our school that she didn't like her, and this girl started flipping out. Like trying to hurt my friend-freaking out.

WHAT IS THE POINT OF IT ALL??!?? I really don't understand why people start drama. What is the point of it? Exactly. There is none. Why can't we just ignore the people we don't like, and focus on the people who love us intend?

And theres more. Why would anyone intentionally hurt someone? Do people assume that people have these lives that NEED to be messed up or something? Theres a guy at school named Shawn who calls me fat. And he's friends with my best friend, but she sticks up for me. He'll call me fat, and then i'll ignore him, and he'll start saying "It's ok to cry sometimes" and laughing. I mean, i'm curvy, but I really am not fat. Im 16 and I weigh 150. And I ski, play softball, and a lot of other sports too.

He's moody too, but it isn't like a girl moody. He'll be nice for like, two months, then he might be a complete and total j*** for a month. WTF! I really just think that our society is so friggin messed up now. It kinda scares me that people like Shawn might end up in the white house, or as a senator or something. uhhg.

K, I think I'm satisfied now that I vented:)
Have a good day, and If you wake up tomorrow as a goldfish, IT WASNT ME, I SWEAR!!!

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