Love Over Live

I met a guy on Xbox Live. We played a few bouts of Black Ops on consecutive nights that lasted into the wee hours of the morning. It went on for about a month or so and it was pretty fun getting a better K/D then him. He says he prefers Battlefield 3 but plays with me because I didn't have Battlefield at that time. It was sweet I can tell you that. Then, we exchanged a few things about ourselves. About a week or two ago, he gave me his number. We've been texting . Exchanging bits and pieces of information. Also, the messages have been getting kinkier. I don't really like it. I've told him, he is a gentleman, but I think he's slow to get the point. We've talked about it and he says its a way for him to show his love for me but I 've already explained to him that I do not need those types of things. He hasn't stopped nor has the messages decreased.

I'm having second doubts... as I always have. Someone help me. I think I want to end it.

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  • He's a predator. End all contact. You don't have to be kind to him. He's not going to get it. If you are a minor, tell your parents. If you are a consenting adult, you can report him to the police for harrassment. Does he know your address or any other personal aspects of your life? Be safe and tell someone, you don't always know who you are dealing with people over the internet. Even people who seem so trusting, will take advantage of you.

  • if he keeps doing it and you told him you dont like then you need to tell him not to text you anymore and if he doesnt just ignore him he will get the hint that way. And dont believe he is to slow to catch on he is pplaying you and just wants s**

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