Before I continue; I'm 21; he's 23. Both consenting adults..

I had this vision of the perfect man...and I accidentally found him in July. He just happens to be a model and I just happen to be a struggling student...

I reached out to him and started helping him and we're pretty close. He considers us a team and has shared some pretty deep things with me...

It started with a video; him in a bathtub. Just his legs but teasing...almost. Enough to make me freeze but play dumb. So we exchanged numbers for work...

Two days later I woke up at four am to a torrent of messages from him...all specific pictures. And I wasn't expecting that so I kind of froze. Then switched over to this other social media account to talk to him about random stuff when he suddenly asked about the messages and asked how I felt.

Anyway we eventually ended up discussing the size of his thing...I got some videos and all this time I was stunned because I didn't understand WHY ME...

I kind of know him for being inconsistent so when he vanished after this I assumed he had become busy...but ....

I can't tell how he feels because he's gone back to normal, acting like the videos never happened. He went me this adorable snap this morning with the blowing heart filter or whatever and I'm just so lost...

I'm scared of what's going on because I don't know what's happening and I have no one to turn to but this insanely beautiful human who is actually one of the sweetest people I know...

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  • What do you feel from him and what do you want out of your interaction with him? EX: friendship, relationship? How do you think he feels about you? Tbh, I don't know many men who are serious when they send things like that... They're just looking for an ego boost and most likely send it to multiple girls. Been there, done that, and it felt like shxt. So I suggest you have an open talk with him where you ask him what he's looking for and you tell him what you are looking for to avoid further hurt and confusion. It also isn't fair of him to spring that on you. How selfish, really.

  • Cont: I know he has serious issues with body image in general and he always seems to need some kind of assurance or whatever and seems to be too immature for most people who he's supposed to work with so yeah...I'm just entrusted with all these truths that I would say are maybe tools for sympathy (I'm very skeptical of human beings...) But then I see the pictures of him from events etc and he's the kind of person who ends up showing on the surface when he's going through a 'rough phase' and people talk a lot lol about how sickly he looks...sorry for the spam haha

  • My thoughts exactly from the torrent of pictures my initial response was this blinding rage and defiant ignorance...I don't understand him so I'm just going along with whatever is going on at this point..I do know that there's been an issue with one other girl who he sent nudes to who was weird so got 'freaked out' and showed me O.o she kind of vanished....I also know that he makes these bonds with people and then slips away and becomes a hermit so in the last year alone he has lost all of his friends and girls have started walking away...awkwardly his aunt now loves asking me a million and one questions about his wellbeing and I have to make up stories because her charming nephew is hiding from the world and not doing any work...thank you SO MUCH for your response...this is such an unnerving confession because I'm petrified someone will know me. ??

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