My Ex

I am stalking my ex... and I cant get over her. We had been going for 3 years, and now its over. I cheated on her and she didnt want to handle it so she give up on us...

I still love her and care about here that's why I stalk her. We still talk but I dont know if we will be getting back together... If so how can I get her to see the old and loving me. How can we get back together?

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  • "She didn't want to handle it"..she's handling it just fine. You're not. You made a choice to cheat and she made a choice to kick your ass to the curb. Actions have consequences, man up and deal with them. You betrayed her, maybe you won't do the same in your next relationship. Stalking is a creepy and needy move and most likely won't win her back.

  • Stop stalking her. When she or anyone else finds out the situation will be even worse. You need to get on with your own life and earn yourself some self respect.

    Accept that you f***** up the relationship. You hurt her not the other way around. That she's even talking to you is pretty amazing. Maybe you can earn her trust again, but not by being a d***. You know better. Man up and stop destroying yourself lest you take down those you love with you.

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