The party

I was at my friends Christmas party.This guy Adam, who I've known for a long time was there. He was the "Neighborhood Hotty" when I was younger. My friends and I would always say "I wonder what cute skater outfit he's going to have on today?" and things like that. When I got invited to her party I had no idea he would be there.

We were just talking at first and having a good time. He said " Great food huh?" In that voice that was the same as when he was a younger boy, only deeper and more manly.I noticed that he must have been working out latly, or for a while, I thought to myself. You could see his buldging, defined 6 pack showing through his thin, button-up shirt.

My friend came by and whispered into my ear "You know you don't have to stay." She must have seen me eyeballing his six-pack earlier. She said it to loud. After she walked away, Adam said "So you like my six-pack?" I just smilied. He leaned over and said like your friend said we don't have to stay here.

I shyly said "OK." He took my hand and we were out the door. We drove silently until I asked, "Are we going to your house?" "Where else whould we go?" I laughed stupidly and said "I don't know."

We drove up to a nice appartment.I don't remember much about the house, or the bedroom where he lead me next.He sat me down on his bed, and then started to come towards my face with his rose petal lips, then he started kissing me passiontly. I layed down and he ripped of his shirt,got on top of me, smelling fresh,and alluring.He continued kissing me, then he traced my jaw with those ever so soft lips. He continued down my neck softly sucking, making me moan. He then ran his cold hands up the back of my shirt, unhooking my bra. He threw it across the room and continued exploring my body.He squeezed my double D breast and played with them, which made me moan and get a little wet. He decided that my shirt was in the way, so he helped me sit up, then riped that off as well.Now that we were both shirtless we continued. I had him lay on his back then, I started to kiss him and put my hands all over his rock hard abs. After a moment of that, I unbuttoned his pants and he quickly sat up and slid them off. I took of his boxers, which just before had been molded to his d***, so that there was a gaint lump. . I was about to have it be my turn, when now fully naked, he took of my jeans and helped me slide out of my lacey thong. His d*** was getting harder by the second. I wasted no time.

I took a moment feeling his d***, to see what I had to work with. It was a big one alright, suited his beautiful face. It was long and thick, “Just what my p**** likes I thought.” I bent down and shoved it in my mouth. I licked It up and down like it was my lollipop. Then I sucked it up and down till my spit was running down it. He was moaning loudly and saying “oh Aaliyah,oh Aaliyah,Aaliyah, leeaah, you naughhhtty girl.” Then I put my teeth on his d***, and started from the bottom and scraped his d*** till I got to the top. Then I sucked just the top. I circled my tounge around the tip of his d*** making him get as hard as possible, and making him c** a little, which I quickly sucked up. After awhile of that I said “ Now it’s your turn.” “He said my pleasure.”

He went to work right away. He squeezed my breast and sucked them, probably giving me a hiki but I didn’t care. It felt good. He kissed eat of my b**** once, then followed the line inbetween my breast, down all the way to my p****, kissing my body the whole way. He rubbed his face in my p****, like a cat would to your leg saying a silent I love you. Then he licked every square inch of it. He stopped to suck and nibble on my c*** for a long time, which made me get wet and c**. He shoved his tounge inside my p**** to receive his award. His tounge was a cold amazing sensation inside of me. He sucked up all the c**, then shoved two fingers inside of me, making me gasp for he was pumping his fingers fast. “Oh adammm I love you.” Was all I could get out after a couple minutes he took out his fingers, and placed four inside of me instead. “Holy shittt!” I thought to my self. This Is now the thickness of what would soon be inside of me, Adam’s d***, except his d*** would be much longer. “Aww, awww, uhhhh, huuuuhh, huhhhh”, Were the nosies of pleasure that came out of my mouth. After veiously moving his fingers up and down inside of me for 4 minutes, my p**** was getting warm. He stopped and left his fingers inside of me for a moment, making sure he collected all the c**. He slowly pulled his fingers out, and gave me some of my c** off his fingers for another snack.” I said I wasn’t hungry, I had filled up on his enourmous d***.” He smilied. I sad “well alright”, in a sexy voice. I opened my mouth and he slid one of his fingers inside, saying that I had to save some for him, that he did all the work. He put his finger in his mouth then he said that I’d better get him all ready again so we could go on.

He switched spots with me and then I put his d*** straight in my mouth, shoving it down my throat so it was entirety in my mouth.I slowly sucked his d*** all the way to the top, then spit on the top of his d***, with my tongue rubbed it all around. Then I put the point of my tongue on the tip of his d*** in the hole. I traced circles around it which made him go crazy. A waterfall of c** came running down, it came so fast it was half way down his d***, before I got to it and licked it up. Then I sucked just the top part hard. After that, I spit on him one last time. I shoved his whole d*** in my mouth making sure to do it better than before, since this was probably going to be the last time this evening I would be doing so.Lastly I sucked on his giant b**** and kissed eat one.

He layed me down, and I knew what was coming next, the best part. He spread my legs as far as they would go, and carefully placed the point of his d*** inside of me. Then he forced it inside. It only hurt for a second, until my body formed around it. Then he violently started to move his body up and down as hard, and fast as he could. I started to let out screams of pleasure, and moans. After just a few seconds I could feel myself c******, and so could Adam. At feeling this accomplishment he started to pump his d*** faster than before, which made me yell out his name in delight. “ Oh myyyy godd Adamm! Uhhhhhh huhh huhhhh huhhhh oh yea, f*** yes!, I loooveee youu, Adddammm, huhhh, huhhh, uhhh, uhhhhhhh, oh yes, oh yes!” I then cummed a lot and felt it coming out of what little space there was. Then I had the best O****** of my life. Satisfied, He pulled out and game me his d*** for a moment. I licked it up and down several times, then let him have my p****. C** was still coming out, that’s how hard we did it. My p**** was on fire so I was relived when he started to lick up all my c**, he put his tongue inside of me where I needed it most. He twisted his tongue around inside of me a couple times, which tickled in a funny way. His tongue cooled me down quickly.

He had me get up and face the backboard of the now shaky bed. He placed both of his hands on my ass, one on each of my gleaming cheeks. He squeezed them, then kissed all around. He licked my butt crack from the bottom to top. Then once again he placed the tip of his d*** inside of me, this time in my ass. He went slow at first increasingly getting faster as the seconds went by.He continued for a couple of minutes then pulled out. I got him a wet tissue so he could wipe his d*** off, because I didn’t want to be sucking on my s***.

I had him lie down down and close his eyes. He laughed his cute laugh, and said “What are you going to do?” I said “You’ll see”, in a sexy voice. I took his d*** and held it straight up placing it in my p****. Once it was far inside I started to ride his d*** like there was no tomorrow. After a good 10 minutes or more went by, I pulled him out of me and let the c** drip on the bed. He said “Damn baby!” I said did you like that,” in the sexist voice I could manage. He said “ I didn’t like that, I loved that.” He started to kiss me again, rubbing his tongue under my bottom lip asking for permission to put his tongue in my mouth, or course I let him in. He layed me back down and put his d*** in between my b**** moving it up and down so it would touch under my chin as if teasing my mouth. I said “Hey, no fair!” He laughed and rolled me over. He then put his d*** in between my butt. And started to move up and down fast, as if he was f****** me in the ass for real. I said “What, did you all of a sudden become scared to f*** me for real?” He didn’t answer me he just picked me up, gave me a “piggy back ride”, but in the front instead. My breast were pressed against his warm body, and his d*** was in between my butt in an awkward way, because of the way he was carrying me. He moved me down a little farther, so his d*** would have access to my p****. He put my back against the wall, and supported the rest of me with his muscular arms. Then he started to f*** me, for real.

He sat me on the bead and we layed down. After a minute of catching our breathes he looked at me with his eyes, a dark pool of water, and hugged me. He whispered into my ear “ I love you” I whispered back “I love you too.”


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  • Was it the best s** you have ever had

  • Do You Have a video ? can i have a copy ? pleaseee

  • no guy likes getting his d*** scraped with teeth

  • cause he was licking my ass and f****** me so hard. and I actually wrote this myself it was meant to be a s** story so gtfo.

  • This is just stupid. Gleaming cheeks? Really? Why the f*** was your ass that sweaty? Gross much?

  • stop stealing pages out of love novels...

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