My landlady and that night

Without disclosing wr i live,ill just say i was living as a paying guest in a gentle ladys house. Call it my misfortune or my luck she always had an eye for me. She was what you call a milf. Portly yet classy. Like sarah palin only shorter. Now one lonely night i was cuddlefd on my bed watching my fave p****(i always kept my door open in hope shed catch me). I even put my speakers on full blast. As i had expected the moans had knocked on her years.. Cant describe what a h****** i was getting.
I lay on my stomach rubbing my d*** on the sheets and posing my asd to the door. The lady came in. I didnt move and kept humping the bed. Seconds later she was gone. Half dejected half afraid i stopped the whole damn film and stood up to checkif evrything was ok. Well she came in again closing the door behind her.
I had pulled up my pyjamas now. For an akward second we kept silent. Then she sneered and slapped my face lightly. Bastardo..
Ok lets talk. And sat on my bed next to me. At some point of our conversation ahe asked me of my girl friends and my physical relations with them. Then she asked of the strange noises and p***. Later on she asked me my d*** size. I said i could show her just the tip of my p****. She agreed. I loosened my pyjama and she staref at it for long. I played the p*** film and loosened my d*** out. Please grab it for me maam. She did and stroked me slowly. We had enormous sexual conversations . I felt her b****** from outside but she didnt allow me to touch her nipples. Well she stroked some more till i came on her hands. She wiped my c** on my underwear. She never allowed me to f*** her...
But now im terribly guilty. She is married and has a loving husband and kids.

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