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Six years ago my dad bought us a siberian husky dog. For the first two years it's been amazing, even thought a little bit nightmare-ish. These dogs are really hard ones, not suitable for the first dog of your life, and it was our case. We didn't quite manage to make her behave as we would like to, but she was okay anyway.

Then my father went abroad for a year. I lived with my mum for that time, and my grandpa took care of the dog. It's been a hard year, I've seen the dog only few times, but she was always happy to see me. I think I was too lazy to go to her often enough.

Then he came back but it was never the same. Since then (and it's been 3 years I guess) I don't do anything about the dog at all. Well, once in a while I go to her and pet her, but she's less and less enthusiastic about seeing me and I don't blame her. She lives in a rather small pen. My grandpa gives her food and water and he lets her out daily, but she doesn't go out besides that.

I would like to take her to my moms, but I've got a cat here and she doesn't agree anyway. During the schoolyear I've almost no time at all for the dog - once I come back from school, I've barely got time to eat, do some of my homework and then I've got some additional classes. My father doesn't give a s*** about the dog.

I really want to give her better home, but I don't know why. Maybe I don't try enough. I shuold take her every weekend for a long walk. And take her for a shorter one at least every day. But I've got no leash. I'd have to buy it.

The problem is, if I buy it, then my family will know I'm doing something about it. I'm scared that I'll fail again. That whatever I do now, she will lead her sad life anyway.

I'm scared that one day she just dies and once I know it will be too late. And I will live forever thinking of how I let her down. Because I am responsible for her life.


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  • i might be interested in taking her my grandparents have like 3 acres of nothing but field that is fenced in and i go over there pretty much everyday and my grandma has like 10 grandkids that are consistantly over there so she will get lots of attention. and my grandma has another dog she had 2 but the other one died (old age) so the dog has been pretty lonely since then.

  • A leash would cost less than 10$ and maybe you could leave it at your grandparents. But you have to commit to this. This should be done anyway. Huskies are great dogs, but they can be a little hyper and require a lot of exercise. It's cruel for her to be kept in a small area. The kinder thing you can all do is to find her a home where they can give her the attention she needs. And then when you're older and have more time you can get your own dog.

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