I am worth it. But are you?

The girl i am dating has a husband and 4 kids and my sister is her BFF. I came last so, im her eyes everyone always comes before me. NO matter what. we have plans, my sister wants to hang out, no more plans! we are gonna spend the night together. her husband wants to watch a movie with her, no more sleep over. When we are together all she wants is to fool around, or talk about my sister and what she is doing. Its like she doesnt understand that just because i dont have anything else to do, doesnt mean she can just use me when ever she wants and throw me away when something better comes along. because of her i came out to most my family, and now i look like a complete r***** for the way i let her treat me. And she can always fix it. one minutes she talking about us in terms of years and the next in terms of days. some times its "i miss u so much babe" others its "hey i know i havent seen you in two weeks and that we had plans tonight, but your sisters bored so ima go see her instead." im not here to just take up what ever time she has absolutely nothing else to do. if you care about someone, you make time for them. I dont want all her time. i knew going in what the deal was, i just want to not be so insignificant on her radar screen. all this is doing is driving my already low self esteem even lower.

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  • Tell her husband that she made out with you and you didn't want it. Also why the h*** are you dating her?

  • her husband knows. i wouldnt do that to anyone. he lets her date women because they dont consider it cheating.

  • leave her now. her poor husband...how could you do that to him

  • Hey there, you need to dump her immediately . Not only is she deceiving her family/friends, she is deceiving you as well. A woman of that character does not deserve and kind/compassionate guy that takes her out on dates and is 100% attentive to her needs.

    Move on and she'll come running back to you; however at this point, it will be too late for her. Even if she doesn't come running back, you can rest assured that you know her life is currently miserable. This is the reason why she is seeking an extramarital relationship.

    You deserve better than this.It will hurt for a few days, but after that; you will feel relieved that she's gone for good.

    Do the right thing and give this lady a pass.

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