Don't do it

To anybody thinking of cheating on your significant other, don't do it. You will be consumed by guilt all the time, wonder if you're a bad person and will just feel stressed out. I walked away from my affair today and I feel like a brand-new person... I feel free. I eagerly look forward to rebuilding/working on my relationship and most of all, making love WITH MY PARTNER!!

Jan 10, 2012

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  • Thanks, I'll take my relationship advice from someone with self-control who is NOT a hypocrite.

    Married 10 Years & Have Never Cheated, Unlike Your Weak Self

  • OK. First of all let's stop the politically correct bullshit. What the f*** is a significant other anyway? I mean there are LOTS of OTHERS in your world I am sure..... so you f*** one of them and that makes them more significant than the rest..... No it does not! It just makes it easier to f*** over your commitment to them if you dance around the fact and call them "significant". MAYBE if you used English correctly and used the RIGHT words you would have felt the guilt at the RIGHT TIME..... rather than after the fact! If you want to be in a relationship with a person then do so. DON'T try and make that person believe you are exclusive to them just so you can sleep with them. That's being a f****** little w**** and using people for your own needs. If that's what you want then be honest about it so the other person can decide to tolerate your bullshit or not. Oh and while you are at it, decide: Are you gay or straight..... then you won't have to hide behind the bullshit political correctness. HONEST isn't always pleasant but it's ALWAYS the TRUTH!

  • Right on!!

  • Thank you. That was my post. I an sorry, I didn't log in before typing. I don't hide behind an anonymous label. I am man enough to take my stands and take the lumps for defending them!

  • Good for you. You shouldn't have done it in the first place, but hopefully you'll be able to rebuild a stronger relationship with your partner. I hope you find the strength to confess what you did, and I hope your partner finds the strength to forgive your mistakes.

  • What a p****. You think you can just walk away from what you did? Did you inform your spouse? If not, it's still hanging there.

    Anyway, affairs can be quite enjoyable. Just get over the f****** guilt and concentrate on not getting caught.

  • yor an ass...

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