Am so obsessed with Sister-in-Law

Found my sister-in-law's personal ad posted on the internet sitting topless and begging for a good time. Always thought she was hot, but now am obsessed. She always said she had perfect t***, I always agreed, now I have proof!

Have stayed at her house to house sit and found her toys, jacked off into her panties and folded them up for her to wear when she returned.

She never has indicated an interest and I would not do anything to jeopardize her marriage or mine, but damn she is sexy as h***.

Becky, you are one hot mama!

Jan 10, 2012

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  • I eave a sistes n law like that and i shat on her tooth brush

  • I saw bend her over and go to towb mmmmmm I know she feels nice and tight round my c*** and her ass is not to bad either

  • So are every super model you ever saw and every hot actress..... so why are you obsessing over your sister-in-law? Because she's accessible. AND.... Because it's a self indulgence that you can justify to your self. Talk about SELFISH!!! Look a******..... if you REALLY would "never do anything to jeopardize..." then why are you doing this?

    All that noble s*** about never hurting her or their marriage is just your way of making what you are doing OK. Get f****** honest with yourself, and get the f*** out of that house..... or be man enough to take responsibility for your actions now and when the s*** hits the fan! Cause your selfishness is going to ruin three, or more, lives!

  • Try talking to her about it. You might be surprised. If she has a personal ad online then it's clear that she doesn't care very much about her marriage or your brother. I say go for it.

  • I would of jacked on her tooth brush

  • Is this a joke?!

    You did whaaat?! lol.

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