The cute boy at school

Ok so I'm 10 and at my school people are dating, asking people to the dance, and well I have this really big crush on this guy in my math,science,and gym class. He is really cute and I want to ask him out. I started liking him around the 4 grade when we had a field trip to Old Town and the grass was slippery and I slipped, tripped over a sprinkeller and fell he started laughed but I didn't feel offended because he is just so cute! Well on the last day of school of 5th grade he was all sad because this guy beat him in the wall ball tounament. We just did the gift exchange and he had a starbucks gift card and he gave it to me! I went outside took a few breaths then I thought,"This is the right time" I just couldn't do it!! I told a friend of mine Elyssa (That dated him before) that I was gonna ask him out and then she said I'll tell him! I kept on saying NO NO NO PLEASE!! But she went on and told these other two girls in my class and then they went to the corner where he was but I didn't see them talking. I guess they didn't tell him. I really want to tell him but he is just so CUTE! I really hope someone can comment and help me I haven't spoken to him ever since (Probaly because it was the last day of the first semester). I became interested in him when we were put in the same group in Old Town. Bu what really drawed me in was when my Ex boyfriends group was across the street from us he got pushed into the street by some kid that he later told me was trying to kill him. Me and the guy I like started laughing and his laugh....... Perfect. I really just can't tell him because I'm like one of the guys and I'm his friend and I think he might like me too. But he is Just so cute I can't do it! Please Comment I really want some advice.

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  • Dating? Going out? What, is he going to come pick you up on his bike as you ride the handle bars to the gas station for a candy bar and soda?

  • you should go for it :) i was the same way, now i'm in a loving relationship but if it doesnt work out theres alays time, you are only 10! best of luck, warm regards

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