So I'm a freshman and I went to homecoming last night. I'm not sure how it works at other schools but we have so many kids that the teachers can't control them at all. I was near the center of the 'mosh pit' and this song came on so I was shaking my hips and dancing and my two friends were next to me and this guy leans next to me and asks if I want to dance. I thought hey why not and I started grinding on him and my friends look at me like what is this hoe doing but they don't stop me. I mouth is he cute and they approve so I start putting more effort into it. He calls his friend over and goes "get some of this". His friend comes over and takes his place. He has his hands on my waist at first but then he starts running his hands on my thighs and he's like holding my hips more into him. He started kissing on my neck. I guess grinding the way we were wasn't enough cause he turned me around. I kept dancing with him and he was cute so I didn't stop him. We ended up making out before my friends pulled me away...

This is pretty lame but I'm 14 and I've seen the second guy around school and I know he's a senior so it was pretty exciting on my end.

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  • You are 14 and messing around with a senior? He's just using you because he knows you're such a s***

  • I used to hate myself too but now I think I'm alright.

  • What?

  • Enjoy life

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