Head for a friend

I just convinced my wife to give my best friend a b*******. She trusts and likes him. Just something I want to watch. Supposed to happen next weekend and I can't wait.

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  • This is so hot. I really want to watch my wife give another man a b******!

  • Yes, you will like it better if you do her doggie style while she blows him. You will be surprised, but he will be ready to f*** her soon after blowing his load in her mouth, and you wil be ready for another round too. Lick his ccum off wife's p**** first, second time will be so hot with the taste of your friend's c** in your mouth.

  • I don't know how you can do it. If I picture my gf with anyone else, especially my best friend, the only thought that goes through my head is beating the person that she's with within an inch of their life. How can you just give her away so easily?

  • Dont forget to kiss her after he blows his load in her mouth.

  • He wants to and I'm for it. She wont f*** him though.

  • Why stop at the b******? Seems like he should get a ride too.

  • We've done things with him before about 5 years ago. It didnt go farther than a handjob. We had drinks and played strip poker. He just got a divorse and started coming around again. Thanks for your reply.

  • Careful what you wish for. You may have just lost your wife to your best friend. Just think what you're little fantasy will lead to when you're away at work and those two find more reasons to spend time alone, without you to watch. Just saying..some fantasies should remain just that.

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