I am in love with young girls

I have a secret, burning desire to make consentual love
to a girl between 12-15 years old. I don't know why and I can't get the thoughts out of my head. I have never acted on it, and am sure I wont. I cant help it though. I even catch myself checking teen girls out when I'm in public. The worst part, I feel like a monster, but sometimes I enjoy these fantasies. I hate myself and wish I would die because of it.

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  • how old are u?" no judgeing

  • I agree with u on ur last sentance

  • Same here.

  • Im in the same boat.

  • A girl under 18 cannot consent even though she says yes a million times;she is minor and u will be headed to jail unless you are in a country other than the US.

  • Like my country...haha. Consent at 16.
    Let me give everyone a piece of advice get "barely legal" 18-19yrs girls who look younger. Please don't get yourself in trouble with underage girls!!!

  • I think we all get it. No need to explain this.

  • me toO

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