Desperate to last...

My boyfriend an I have been dating for four years now, an living together for about 3 1/2 years now. When we first got together everything was perfect (just as any relationship). Well I really messed up one night an cheated. Of course my boyfriend left me but a couple months later he moved back in an everything seemed fine. We now a child who is 1 1/2 an the love of our lives. I've gained some weight of course from being pregnant an never lost too much afterwards. It's hard to take care of the house child an work an still have time for myself to exercise. By the time my day is done I'm too tired. I feel that my boyfriend has no interest in me anymore an I'm so afraid he's gonna leave me. I want to keep this family together so badly. I've confronted to him how I feel an of course he tells me he still loves me but I feel otherwise. I'm guilty of checking his phones messages an almost always his texts are deleted already. That to me is a guilty message. I just wanna believe him everything is fine but, that's so hard to do when I feel differently. Any advice is appreciated!

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