The following confessions are in fact

The following confessions are in fact real, not just for show. I have a lot to get off my chest right now:

ONE: I am in love with Todd. And I have missed him ever since we broke up. He doesnt love me. He wont ever love me again. We were perfect for eachother, I know it. I wish he wasnt such an a****** about it. He knows that I feel absolutely terrible about myself lately. But he just doesnt seem to notice that I still need his help and his support. He told me that he still wants to be friends, but friends would help me out, wouldnt they?

TWO: I wish i was asian just so I could wear all the fun clothes they can wear without feeling like a loser. And plus I think they are absolutely cute and gorgeous :]

THREE: I am scared to have s**, because I think it will hurt too bad. I'm a virgin. Is it worth it??

FOUR: I am in love with myspace, and I think they only reason why is that I like to see people say I am pretty in picture comments. I never felt pretty before this year, until I met Todd and he built up my confidence level. I dont have that confidence anymore.

FIVE: Kooshie pillows give me o******. Especially when you put them in your PJ pants.

SIX: I pretend like I am awesome at soccer, when I only play recreational and I am not that great.

SEVEN: I lie to spice up my stories.

EIGHT: I am done.


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  • What is a Kooshie pillow? I want one!

  • ^agree

  • Asians are not cute. Do you really want to be a clone?

  • don't let any man give or take away your self worth

  • #2 made me pee myself ohh confession inside a confession lol i wus kiddin but it wuz hella hilarious though

  • LOL I agree with the last comment.

  • Asians are not cute. Do you really want to be a clone?

  • OHHHHHHHHHHHH,good thinkin'.

  • how do we know this is, in fact, true like you said it is? you just said you lie to spice up your stories.

  • ONE:You may as well just get over it. It'll take time. I've been in a situation similar to this.

    TWO:Dress however the f*** you want to,it's your body,who cares if people don't like the way you dress,tell them to f*** off.

    THREE: It's totally worth it :]

    FOUR:...myspace is lame. Get a job and delete your account.

    FIVE:I wouldn't doubt it. Those things are COOOOOOOOOOMMMMMFYYY

    SIX:Soccer's lame.

    SEVEN:That's just exaggerration. Who cares. Just don't do it all the time.

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