....that I feel like I am worth more than I am being treated by my husband, family,friends and co-workers.

Husband...He is a good man, but I feel that he doesnt love me. I mean real love. The look that says it all is not there. That look of passion, desire, and honesty. We havent been intmate for over a year. And he hasnt made an effort. It rips me apart inside. I cant leave because my job doesnt pay enough for me to support myself and my children.

My family.....I am the black sheep. I dont know why? My parents treat me less than what I should be treated. I wasnt a bad child. I played sports, I behaved. I did not have s** with random guys or do drugs, or ever get in trouble with the law, like my sister did. But they treat my sister so much better than me. I had a child at the age of 19, and ever since then its been "Why cant you be like your sister?" kind of deal. Oh your sister got expelled from school for drugs, but she has a assocate and a bachlors in Social Science. They will watch her child at a drop of the hat, but when it comes to watching my children, they need a months notice and forms filled in triplicate.

Friends.....I feel like I have never had a true friend. Growing up the ones that I thought were my friends just hung out with me because they felt sorry for me. Those whom I would do anything for, have always bailed on me. There is NOT one person that has always been there. I have been the one that has always been there for people but always get s****** on. I do not trust anyone now because of it. And it is a double edged sword. My walls are so high.

Co-workers.....I hate my bosses, and the their kiss ass...They sit there and say how hard they have had it and will not lift a damn finger or even pay the other workers a liveable wage..but go ahead and fly to new york for the weekend, and buy a house in another state and tell me how f****** wonderful you are....I hate my job.

I may seem like I fit in, but I really dont.

I feel so alone.

I just want to be accepted.


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  • Dear miss we live in a not so ideal world.ur ryt why so many suicides jst bcoz ppl find it easier to preach rather console a troubled soul....u having baby at 19 is not something wrong.its very much common in this part of world (I'm from India) anyways u can't mend ur life by crying over it...u seen to have a dependent personality & it's nothing be it! And keep ur search fr a better job on,u'll definitely do better in life.Remember Jesus Loves You!

  • To the person who posted the first comment: must be nice to be a selfish a****** huh? I am the person who wrote the first post. Here is a back story. My child I had young, her dad use to beat the s*** out of me for years an even when I was pregnant with her. I got up and left that situation. The situation with my husband is not that simple. I will not make my children suffer for my happiness. My job sucks yeah and I have been looking for a job over a year now so I can leave but no luck. I am not going to leave my job bc it sucks and not be able to support my children. Why?! Because that is the adult mature thing to do is take care my responsibilities. Then judgemental a******* like you would sit there and call me a horriable mother because i could not support my children. So to tell a person you do not know but you are perfectly ok to sit and judge behind anonymous...real nice. So here is to you....go f*** yourself

  • In summary, the post reads..Me, Me, Me, Me...Life is hard..Life is unfair..blah blah..Wah..Sob, Work is hard, wah. Your job..he's the boss. You don't like it, quit. The boss doesn't have to justify crap to you - how he spends his money is none of your business. You don't have to like it, but you don't have a say. It's so easy to blame everyone and everything else in your life for the reason why you're so unhappy, instead of looking in the mirror and accepting responsibility for the space and place you're in. And making the necessary changes to fix what's wrong. Yes, you are worth more. You're worth more then playing the victim in every aspect of your life. You are ultimately responsible for your own happiness. Everything and everyone else should only enhance what you already have. You have really high expectations for everyone but yourself. Stop whining and stop making everything about you and stop thinking that everyone owes you. Not everything is a competition and not everything you do is going to get a pat on the back. It's life. Maybe having a child at such a young age, you just never grew up..because you're just missing some crucial life lessons here. This is not meant to be mean. But a wakeup call. There is a give and take to everything. You seem to be unaware of how you present yourself or your part in the situations in your life. Go and speak with a therapist, sounds like you need to work something out and speaking to an outside party may help you to deal with your relationship with your husband, your family, your friends and your job. Seeing a different objective, you can begin to repair the things that don't work and become happier and more fulfilled. It's a process, but it will be worthwhile in the end.

  • ^ This first commenter offers the op some good advice. The fact that the op responded so harshly just proves she is clearly not ready to look deeper at herself and her situation. Instead, she would rather scream and moan about how awful her life is. And it will continue to be awful as long as she continues to be so self absorbed. That's not judgement, it's an observation.

  • Wow not one nice thing. When a person has a weak moment and decides to vent it out. All you have to say is quit b*******. This is why there are so many people out there ready to kill themselves. No one wants to offer GOOD advice. This is why so many kids get bullied because of a******* like you.

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