My Secret Lover

I have been the lover of my neighbor's daughter for three years. Her name is Hannah, but she called herself Slash back then and wore black clothes and lipstick. I call her Glory now.

She and her family were always getting into screaming arguments and the police came by more than once. Her parents were bible-thumpers and I suppose the whole goth thing was just rebellion. But she was really alone.

I got involved three years ago when I found her on my back porch cutting herself with a razor blade. I pulled the blade away from her and slapped her and dressed her injuries. I told her how stupid she was being and she said that I didn't own her. When I was done with her and let her out she gave me the finger.

A couple of days later she was back on my porch smoking weed. I took away her blunt and gave her a chewing out for doing something so stupid on my property. I threatened to turn her over to the cops. She made some more vulgar comments and left.

The next Saturday I heard a crash and found her on the back porch smashing up my lawn chair. I had enough by that point and dragged her in, pulled down her pants, and spanked her ass with my bare hand. When I finished I dropped her to the floor and she cried and sobbed that I didn't own her. Seeing her red-panty-covered ass and the adrenalin rush I just had made me a bit crazy. I told her I'd show her, and I pulled off her panties, lubed her up with my spit on my finger, and started to f*** her in the ass. I told her I owned her over and over, and she finally said 'You own me'.

I was more energized than ever and we made love five times that day. I gave her rules to live by and she gave me her loyalty.

She's been mine ever since. She obeys me in all things, and continues to live at her parents' home. I dress her in Gothic Lolita style and make her get good grades at school. She always wears my collar and if anyone ever read the tag they would find my name on it. Every week she comes to me for a couple of days and I make her wear a leash and I use her sexually. She is my Glory and she worships me.

She's happy and doesn't cut herself or smoke pot or get in trouble with the law. I think she's doing good. When she finally graduates, I intend to marry her.

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  • Wow, that would make an excellent novel, dude.

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