I didn't report a murder

I watched a stranger stab and rob a man and I never reported it because the dead guy had raped me. I'm glad he's dead.

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  • If old F was alive he would be livid beyond control!

  • I understand how that feels. i was raped and bullied as child and molested as a kid over and over. I seen a lot of stuff i didn't tell anyone out of fear and threats. I know my grandmother would never approve of karons ways and her kids. I know she would be horrified by what some people have done to me. she would be angry.

  • Several years ago, a thug, a****** guy who harassed my hot older sister, relentlessly, including throwing her into a bar men's room and, while not raping her, tore her clothes off, was shot and killed in a hunting accident. My view was, and is.. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Glad he got shot.

  • Well isn't that a coincidence!

  • Karma is a b****

  • what karma does that deserve it as a b****?!
    if karma is really existing, it is a professional accountant and judge!

  • AMEN

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