Alcohol problem

I have a drinking problem.
I tell people I don't and when they bring it up they get mad. I have a stomach ulcer from drinking, but I can't stop. I feel like I need help but I dont want help because I know that means I'll eventually have to stop drinking. drinking is the only thing that makes me happy or motivates me anymore.

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  • Money,the most powerful trap in the world.Alcohol,the most powerful addiction in the world.Fully Supported by the Government of Canada and U.S.Sometime's called the Government Liquor Store.They use half your tax money to kill more young people.Change the drinking age to 31 years old now,canada.

  • Once you start drinking.There is no recovery.Once you drink Alcohol.You will want to try Meth next.Once you try meth,you will want to try weed.Once you try weed,you will want Heroin(Opium poppy's)that is used for pain-killer's.What are there pain killers.They are Codeine,they are the super-pain killer.Morphine.Once you are done with Morphine, you will want the killer High.C4.C4 is a real bad killer drug Addiction.These five Drug's which are Alcohol-Meth-Weed(Marijuana)-Heroin(Opium),and then Morphine(Which is the same as Opium).And the killer Dangerous High Addiction C4.These five drug's do not Deserve to be called Drug's.They are killer Addiction's.That can destroy's Live's.

  • Wow. Both illiterate AND stupid. How on earth were you able to figure out how to work your computer?

  • We(the Government of Canada)should outlaw all sale's of Alcohol to all First nation's people.I am not Racist.I just don't like see-ing Drunk young First nation's People.ban all sale's now.yes alcohol can Destroy live's.

  • One time,i punched somebody(Passed out)in the Temple so hard. I broke my fist on his head.Because he almost killed my mom,Burning down the whole house,because he did not watch his cooking on the stove.I did what i had to do.He almost killed my Mom.

  • there is one good way to stop yourself from drinking yourself to death,watch a show about drinking on Netflix(U.S.A)it's called Kevin Spencer,it's real good and can help you stop Drinking Alcohol,i think you will love this show from Netflix,please get it and watch it,and your Alcohol Problem will go away on it's own,or just watch Kevin Spencer on YOUTUBE from your Libery,please do it and try it,it is your only show to save yourself,Watch Kevin Spencer from Netflix or YOUTUBE,you will love it.

  • why am i reporting this Post(You say),well it's real simple,watching this show as a Child my-self,i prevented my self from drinking,and smoking,and doing drug's(sort OF),(nothing Major on drug's) i only take pain-killing drug's,such as Tec-3"s and flexaril,but watching Kevin spencer on T.V,i prevented myself from Drinking Alcohol and smoking Cig's and killing myself on Drug's.So this show KEVIN SPENCER(FROM OCNUS PRODUCTION'S 1999 to 2005 8 season's of good toliet humor)is really good for Children such as Myself,because it can prevent Children such as myself from making the Choice to Drnking Alcohol and smoking and doing real bad Drug's,please show it to a Child such as myself at the age of 17,i prevented myself from making the choice to killing myself,for the purpose of Fun,if it is fun to kill yourself with Alcohol,then do it real fast with a gunshot to your head(respective-ly),rather then have your Family wittness your own Murder by your own Stupid choice to Drink Alcohol in the First Place,that's why the Kevin Spencer series saved me from Drinking and doing alot of other Stupid thing's. ------thank you for reading my salvation Story,from J.BOB.

  • I meant to say it's your only shot to save yourself from drinking yourself to death from Drinking Alcohol,if you do drink Wine,never try Sherry cooking wine,you will kill yourself.

  • Of course people will get mad about your drinking problem if they can tell you have one but you're in denial or lying to them about it. Get some help by checking out AA or finding someone to talk to who won't get angry or mad at you when you discuss your problem. Good luck.

  • AA will not help,they(AA) will just say that Alcohol,is a sickness.And that there is no Cure,and their is no Salvation for Yourself. I say that AA is a big Ripoff.please,Just Don't kill your self from Drinking Alcohol. It's Okay to have a few Drink's,Once in a while.Just don't kill yourself in Drinking Alcohol.

  • That's a very sad confession and I'm sorry for you. I wish you had something else in your life to make you feel happy or motivate you. I hope you find it soon.

  • yes it is sad,but he chose that life,drinking is a death sentance for all people who want to die a sad slow death,a real pity,the only victim's of Alcohol, are the children born with FAS,which they get from thier cold-heart-less Mother,i should know because i was born with FAS,now i don't care about anybody at all,a real shame for my MOMMY,she wanted me to go to College,but she failed big time from the very shart of my Life,Alcohol should be Banned and Outlawed, i am not sorry for saying that,i will never be sorry.

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