I hate my stepfather

I want my step father to die. I want to get a knives and stab him in the throat then shoot him in the face with the strongest pistol I can find. Then take all of his money. Then run his dead body over with his own car then set him on fire then p*** on him the extinguish the flames. Then laugh at his dead body.

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  • Yeah Man, I got one of those too. Good Luck.

  • Rot in prison scum

  • I understand your anger. I've felt this way about people in my life plenty of times. It's okay.

  • gosh, I'd hate to think what you might do to him if you really hated him.

  • Why would you laugh at a dead body,ohhhhh wait,i am going to find my dads dead body really funny.soooo it is no big deal.

  • Damn you just about threw everything in the book at him, after all that there wouldn't even be a greasy spot of him left on the ground huh? Your just an animal.... that why I never wanna be a step father!

  • Bitter much?

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