when I was a child (age 8), my dad took

when I was a child (age 8), my dad took me to a bar with him (he used to be an alcoholic) and left me in the car (sleeping in the backseat) While he was in the bar, a man got in the car with me and raped me.

My dad was coming out of the bar and saw him, pulled him out of the car and beat the crap outta him and told him if he ever touched me again, he would kill him. My dad got in the car and said "Don't tell your mother" and we left. I kmow he was really druck, cuz he couldn't even barely drive.

I can tell he doesn't remember it, and I have never told anyone about it. I think about it a lot, almost every day (almost 15 yrs later), but I know if I told anyone now, it would just devistate my mom, and my family. Besides letting that happen to me, my dad never hurt me, and he quit drinking 8 months later, and has been sober for over 14 yrs now.

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  • You may want ot talk to him (privately) about this. One of the main steps of getting sober is making ammends, which he may already have done with himself, but you need to let him know that you need him to acknowledge what took place that night.

  • Glad this iste is actually helping people!

  • That's awful! But here's a news flash - your dad remembers. He can't face you, but the guilt has probably been eating him away for years. That's why he was able to quit drinking just 8 months later and never look back.

  • Just try to deal with it personally with like a counselor or something, if you feel the need to really really tell your family, then just let them know it's for you to get better, not to hurt your dad or stir anything up.

  • from the original poster---It has REALLY helped. A lot. I'm suprised that it made me feel so much better. Yesterday, I didn't think about it at all, the whole day. And I can't even remember when the last time that happened was.

  • Wow. Good for you for being strong, and for your father that he quit drinking and maintained that. I hope letting this out here as helped you.

  • S***.

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