I just want to be thin

So that I'm worth something.... because I'm not worth anything more than this shell.

Jan 27, 2012

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  • every era has its own ruler of aestheticism.for me, not too demanding, a bit chubby is acceptable but not too fat...
    There was a dynasty in china (Tang) saw plummy women as sexy and beauty.
    try water or lemon juice fasting with sincere prayers...
    research on youtube...
    be beautiful, feel beautiful...

  • Don't be silly, you are worth something according to the airlines you are worth a extra ticket.

  • If you wanna be thin then why are you fat? if you really want it that bad, then you should have been by now. read diet plans on the internet! reasearch foods and stuff do sports and activities, go to clups and dancing and stuff. and not sit onny our ass all day.

  • Seriously, I have a cousin and she's just a bit chubby, but she always complains about being fat. She also eats junk food on every occasion... if she would change her lifestyle a bit and eat healthy and excercise she'd see some changes. Being lazy won't get you anywere so poster, if you want something just fight for it. It will take a while but rome wasn't built in a day...

  • If losing weight is really important to you, start by saying that you are worth something no matter what your weight. Love yourself and be kind to yourself. The thing about weight is that it is within your control (unless you have a serious medical condition that prevents you from doing so). You can control how many calories you consume, how much sleep you get, how much water you drink and how much exercise you get in each day. But it takes effort and you have to want to make changes in your life and not deal with challenges with food. The weight didn't go on overnight, and it won't come off in a day. But the moment that you set your mind to making a concerted effort to to change, the quicker you'll see results. Weight and self worth are tied together in a lot of ways. Diet and lifestyle do help, but you have to get to the root of the reasons as to why you're unhappy. Everyone does something to cope when they're depressed, bored, stressed or needing to escape..for many it's food. Do what you need to do to get you to your goal. Hire a trainer, join weight watchers, see a nutritionist, find a friend to go for a walk with you. Invest in yourself, because you are worth it.

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