Picture of a nun to get off

When I was a teenager there was a group of nuns who visited my mom sometimes. I had a couple of pictures of some of them standing in the living room. There was one sister who I found attractive even though she didn't wear any makeup and her clothes were long. She was probably in her late 40s back then and to me she was a milf. I could tell she had a nice ass and t***.

There was no Photoshop back then. I used to put a piece of white paper on top of her picture, left her face showing, and drew the rest of her body naked. I masturbated many times like this.

I did a lot of crazy crap like this when I was young.

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  • You were a very very bad boy. I would have cracked your bottom with my ruler to expunge those naughty thoughts out of your mind.

    Sister Agnes

  • Ha! And I would've loved it! :)

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