All about me.

I'm a liar. I can't change it, I lie to family, my friends. I lie to be someone I'm not. And now when I finally want to show who I really am, I can't. I feel trapped in someone elses body.
None of my friends know I'm depressed, how much I cut. They still think I have a f****** cat.
I'm 120 pounds, but I see myself as 200. I have always wanted to be anorexic, to complete that goal I have stopped eating.
I see people that shouldn't be, I hear things that are not there.
I am convinced, I must die. I want to die. I need to die. I just can't, I would miss my few friends. My Alex and my Anna.


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  • Yeh, I need to improve our house environment and living space and have substance to a better positive richer wealthier healthier life.

  • i dont believe you

  • Dude, are you 12 and emo? You only get ONE life, dont f*** it up, and anorexic people are just as disgusting as obese people, your weight is just fine the way it is.

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