34 y.o virgin

I was said attractive to opposite s**. and always have guys approach, i mean, including the ones i like.
never make friends w the guys i attracted to(each other). too nervous and behave the other round to cover up my feelings...i hate myself being such a loser.i dont hv any proper relationships. all these while, i thought i want a friends in a group rather than 2 person. but life doesnt work out this way. life's been so loneless and distant.

i m********* with hydraulic...i enjoy the safe o***** but feel guilty n filty after...i was just exploring out of curiousity but now i'm getting attached to it since no one to talk to in life.

i watched p*** n started addicted sometimes to unwind my insecurity of life ...

i'm lack of art of speech, i guess being so direct of my pathetic condition drive people away...


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  • Learn how to spell. You probably sound too stupid for anyone to be attracted to you.

  • try to flirt sometimes

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