My future or his?

Several weeks ago, I had a fling with my school's future valedictorian. It all started when I went to the movies with some friends of mine. A mutual friend invited him. I didn't mind since he's a really nice guy, and I secretly thought he was cute.
Well, we ended up sitting next to each other for the movie. The whole time he had me laughing and smiling. He even reached for my hand and held it.
When the movie was over, we told our friends that he'd drive me home. On the ride home, he and I flirted even more. He stopped suddenly at the side of the road. He told me I was beautiful, and kissed me. We ended up making out for about an hour. When things started getting heavier, we finally decided to have s** at his house.
He stole a condom from his brother, and we did it. It was both his first time and mine, but it went well.
Throughout the week, we hung out more and had s** a few times. After a while, we realized we really weren't right for each other and drifted apart.
Now I have a problem. I think I'm pregnant. I'm 2 weeks late and have been feeling sick. I told him yesterday. While he is concerned and wants to support me and our possible child, we know he could lose everything he's worked so hard for. He can't tell his parents because he's afraid they'll kick him out, or tell a school official because then everybody will know.
So if I am having his baby, he thinks we should give it up for adoption or keep it a secret that he's the father. He promises to help out financially; I dont want his money, I want him to be there for me and the baby.
It hurts knowing that only one of is will be able to have the future we dreamed of, abd it's not going to be me.

Feb 13, 2012

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  • Dropped the ol 9 and the sum b**** went off... now I have a hole through my wall, blasted out the tile of the shower behind it and cracked the mirror... Scared the ever living h*** out of me. Been a responsible shooter since I was 8yrs old (33 now) and I cannot believe how stupid I was... Thank God no one got hurt including myself (fished the bullet out of the third wall it ended up landing in). Talk about a wake up call to be more careful we only have one life and to squander it being stupid... well... anyway hope I can get everything fixed before my landlord visits. Been about 30min since and no one's called the cops so I guess Im safe. Jesus what a nightmare... Yes I was lucky, yes I was stupid, yes I could have hurt somebody... but none of that happened so hey, lesson learned.

  • Whoops posted this as a reply to some other confession.. holy crap I'm rattled.. Sorry OP but as noted... Im an idiot...

  • You should probably go to your doctor's and find out for certain if you are or not pregnant. HPT are not totally reliable. Then think about what you want to do, and can afford to do. Your options are keep it, abort or place for adoption. Not saying any of those options are easy, but that's what they are. And you want him to be there for you and the baby? He's already told you what he wants, plus you barely know this guy, you already know that you two aren't right for each other. How do you think raising a child with someone who's not right for you will go? Even teen parents who have been together for years don't make it. It's just the harsh reality. Can't do this alone and if you are pregnant can't keep this a secret for long, so talk to your parents. And you're future is not over, just postponed.

  • Went to the doctor and found out I'm not pregnant. My period had not come because of some hormonal imbalances that I had before, and the nasuea was probably caused by stress (most likely due to the pregnancy scare itself).
    Anyway, I'm very, very relieved. After talking with the guy, we agreed we shouldn't have had s** in the first place without knowing what we were getting into, both physically and emotionally. We decided we're better off as friends.
    Thanks for the advice! It really helped me think about things calmly and carefully.

  • in other words niether one of u are good in bed since u dont want to f*** each other anymore,or it was so bad u turned him q****

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