Double life.

I'm a Mormon guy, and I got a girl pregnant while on my mission in Texas. I want to go back before my daughter is born, but my parents are putting pressure on me to find a girl and get married.
How do I tell them that they're going to be grandparents??

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  • Its wrong but I wish I had a missionary that into me lol. I’ve been a member for a few years and yes what you did was wrong, however, a girl in my first ward had a child when she was 16 years old, and her family was so understanding and she is married now.
    Your family when you tell them will most likely be upset and have a hard time handling it. but its whats best that will win out in the end.
    If you plan on moving to be closer to your child, and are honest with whomever you date that would be good. I am not sure I would tell my bishop, as I don’t have a family so it wouldn’t matter so much for me. but love hurts sometimes and you got to do whats best.

    I don’t know your name but I will keep you in my prayers and I know this will all come out in the wash. Keep your head up and remember not too let anyone force you into anything.

    And for the guy saying she would sleep with anyone, that is wrong and you don’t need to be salty because no one will sleep with you. lol.

  • just tell them you prayed about your horniness while you was away and you had a revelation to go s*** th brains outa that chick and this is the blessing , the b****** child .

    isnt that what mormons do when facing any kinda dilema like cold logic vs any one of th emany translations of the book of mormon ? pray , have a revelation , go with the revelation over logic and or fact ?

  • being a mormon by girl u mean sheep dont you?

  • YOU ARE NOT A MORMAN!u have gone against everything we believe,best way to tell ur parents is say"im a useless embaressment to u and our faith"good luck to u b****** let us know what happens

  • sorry MORMON

  • Why dont you just bang on there door while they are tring to sleep in on saturday morning and hand them a copy of baby watch tower,that should do it.

  • First of all u didnt get her pregnant dumb ass ,shes a woman she got herself pregnant,shes in Texsas ur in Utah iwould guess so dont worry about if she would s**** a morman she would s**** anyone so its probly not urs anyway

  • OP here.
    OK, first off, you don't know the whole story. She and I dated for a bit before we had s**, even though I wasn't supposed to be dating.
    We both lost our virginity when we had s**. We're sure that was when she got pregnant. So, it is my child.
    PS- I'm not from Utah. I'm from Arizona. Not all Mormons live in Utah.

  • Like I said i've only been a member for a few years but being new to arizona myself I know you have a long rode ahead of you. the mormons here seem to be a bit more stuck in there ways. good luck tho lol

  • Well, you got someone pregnant. That was irresponsible, but it would be even more irresponsible to go and marry someone you don't even know that much. I hope that is not part of your plan. It's good that you want to be there for your child, but be careful who you marry.

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