I never had a boyfriend and I'm 17. Its so pathetic that it's laughable. I lie to people about having one before, not becuase I want to, but becuase I feel like eveyone will just look at me like I'm the ugly loser girl that no ones wants or loves if I tell the truth. I wish it didn't bother me so much but I guess it just makes me sad that there are like a billion people in the world and not one of them has ever wanted to be with me..

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  • i've never had a girlfriend so now you know your not the only person in the world

  • Do you put out?you will find that most girls your age who are popular should find someone with a loud mouth and tell them you love s** and word will get around.if you are fat you should go for a black guy our a mexican,they dont mind as much as normal guys.or try an older guy,16 is the age of consent so you can give it to anyone you want.lonly old men are not to selective plus they have money.good luck to you sweet heart hope i helped

  • My heart goes out to you. It's sad to read your unhappy confession. There will be someone for you. You may think you're unattractive but:

    1. You may be better looking than you think.

    2. Some girls look much prettier when they get out of high school, and from what I've seen, a woman's looks are often equal to her make up skills. Seriously.

    3. Taste is another matter, a woman I might find attractive might be unattractive to another guy. So I'm confident there are guys who will like your look.

    4. The personality rules. I'd take a woman with a good personality over a self-centered beauty queen any day of the week.

    5. In my opinion, a woman can make herself more attractive by increasing her knowledge and interests. I say this because it's nice meeting a woman who can hold good conversations on many topics, or who is intellectually your equal, or even your superior. Intelligence can be sexy.

    Last, I've seen many cases where people don't have boyfriends or girlfriends when they're your age. I've even heard beautiful actresses say they were ugly in high school and never got asked out.

    And as other posters have pointed out, sometimes it better having no one than someone who brings a lot of drama and trouble into your life.

    I strongly believe you will find someone, just like everybody else does sooner or later, with few exceptions.

    My best to you.

  • I'm going through exactly the same thing! The best thing to do is cherish your status as a single girl. Yes, it's easier said than done, but worth it. When I stopped caring about having a boyfriend, I realized there were so many things that were worth my time and energy other than boys. I became closer to my family, found new hobbies, and surprisingly, became more confident in myself. When you're always trying to impress someone, you become insecure, always trying to keep yourself at the top. But when you do things for you, your smile's more genuine than ever.
    Like Kelly Clarkson sings "Being alone doesn't mean I'm lonely." :)

  • Oh, and I forgot to add this: How many on and off couples have you seen in your teen years? You know, the ones who are always going through some drama or another? Waiting until you are truly ready for a relationship (whether you're 17 or 27) keeps your life free of drama and immature guys.

  • Better to have no boyfriend then to have one that will treat you wrong.

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