I haven't used toilet paper in months

One day this last summer of 2011 I ran out of toilet paper and had to use a wash cloth. Since then I have used it everyday to wipe my ass. I find it cleans me way better then paper, saves me money, and helps the environment. I wash it out with soap after using it. I don't get hemorrhoids anymore from having to wipe my ass with handful after handful of paper to get myself clean until my ass feels like it's on fire.

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  • Where do you live, f****** India ?

  • hahahaha this is hilarious the first comment made me laugh so hard hahahahaha

  • the comment below sorry*

  • you disgusting m***********, what the h*** is wrong with you? what would your mother say about this when she uses your toilet!

  • you sick mother f*****. toilet paper is bad for you and can cause more infections then it can stop. he/she is correct and you should learn how to be smart. dumbfuck

  • So what, people in other countries use their hand or a scoop of water.

  • OP here- True, but you but in the US this definitely isn't the norm.

  • Yuck. Gross!

  • I knew a guy back in high school whose brother in his 30's and more then just a little weird did the same thing with hand and bath towels. But instead of washing them out he hid them in a pile in his bedroom. His mom found them when she noticed all the towels went missing. She wasn't happy. I'm writing this on my phone at work and while taking a s***. No towels, just John Wayne TP. Rough and tough and don't take s*** off no one.

  • You will have a cleaner a*** because of it. Good for you.

  • Phew! You stink!

    - Alice

  • left over pizza or a small stray dog.the elbow of a homeless peron works well also

  • corncobs work well too

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