I want my husband to be more forceful

I’m 21, husband is 21 also. We have been together for a year, going on 2, we also have a child. I love him I just want him to be more forceful with me. Maybe I’m crazy for this, I don’t know. But like I want him to choose who I can talk to and be around, what I can wear, what I do. I also want him to just do things to me whenever he is in the mood. If I’m not doing something he wants me to I want him to make me stop. I want him to have complete control over me. I want him to use me for anything he wants or needs. Maybe it’s crazy but if I’m misbehaving or doing something wrong I want him to punish me. I just don’t know how to tell him.

Jul 25

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  • I can't believe you got married and don't know how to communicate with your partner. Divorce is on the horizon. Women blame men for having learned to be passive aggressive, insecure or submissive but it's your own ** fault. Take responsibility and stop whining.

  • Bro, it’s not that deep. I’m just a shy person when it comes to my sexuality and **. ** he’s definitely not submissive or anything. He’s actually being more in control and I like it. And there’s literally no way we would ever split up. We are end game for sure. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts on that. I love him to death

  • I had to force my wife to be submissive. Eventually she gave in obeyed.

  • See I kind of wish he would do that. But I’m SO stubborn and I have way too much attitude for that.

  • Nothing wrong with what you are wanting or craving. Some of it might center around the desire to please, which he might not understand. The desire needs to be handled very carefully, because if its done wrong, it can lead to very serious abuse.

  • Yeah, see that’s why I haven’t told him anything. Cause I know he wouldn’t intentionally hurt me. But I’m also not trying to run the chance of it happening and idk what to do

  • If you are interested in talking - not sexting - let me know... I am on telegram, and would be happy to TALK there... I am older guy, up to you. Sincere offer. He has ZERO idea how deep of a pleaser you want to be?

  • Tell him what you like, he will do.

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