I dont give a s***

I was with my ex fiance for 4 years treated me like the biggest piece of s*** ever hurt me emotionally and physically and I just sat there and took it. he was in the game and I was in his lifestyle. drugs etc. HARD DRUGS. well about 5 months ago I finally broke it off best decision of my life by the way. I knew he was selling hard drugs and doing them in and out of his house. as well as I knew his new girlfriend and I knew she had a little boy. Well i called the cops on him got him arrested for 5 years her for 3 for doing drugs around the babby and I got the kid taken away. and guess what? I dont feel bad about it one bit. I still sleep at night.

Feb 25, 2012

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  • Well.......they are both out of prison by now. Any developments?

  • Oh so you turned into a rat b**** because he left you and got himself a new crackwhore..hahaha..funny you didn't think to call the cops when you were in the picture while am pretty sure profiting someway somehow from his drug sales...

    Admit you only called the cops because he had another bird in the picture and you were yesterdays news..I hope when he gets out he knows exactly where to find you.

  • Awesome!

  • You SHOULD sleep well at night: you did the right thing, whether or not it was for the right reason. You go, girl!

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