I hate myself

I hate myself more than I have ever hated anyone else in the world. I am in love with two men, neither of whom want to make me their priority. The man to whom I am married treats work as his priority; the man with whom I am having the affair, has his wife and family as his priority. Apparently, I am not good enough for either of these men.

Please don't judge me about the affair and say that's why I am not good enough for my husband. There is a full backstory that I don't care to discuss.

I really just wanted to say that I hate myself for getting into this situation, for cheating, for not being good enough and knowing I never will be.

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  • I can f*** you too if that makes you feel any better

  • I agree with the first comment, if you are already married and seeking these guys then you have to think what made you go out and cheat in the first place, Attention, lack of s**, repetiton of the same mundane things. but my veiws are differnt on affairs. If someone actively seeks s** with with another person while in a relationship then its that persons fault and should get all the blame, not the person that he/she is having an affair with. Go back to your husband and talk things over and try to talk about the problems in your marrage, many marrages break up because the lack of communication as that of my parents. set a time limit for things to get better, if they do, good for you. if they dont, then come to a mutual aggrement that things arent working and that you are better apart.

    If you ever find yourself in another relationship and its not working, find a heart to end it first before finding someone else.

  • Well I hate to say this but you kinda brought it on yourself. of course this married guy wouldnt make you a priority. to him your just a piece of ass and his wife and kids will always take the front seat. trust me i know ive cheated before and an affair is just f****** or looking for something the other partner cant provide e.i attention. just tell your husband and get a divorce if it cant be fixed and leave this married dude alone. find somebody else if the marriage doesnt work out. no use putting yourself through all this. too many fish in the sea.

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