I have kids by 2 men. I am in love with

I have kids by 2 men. I am in love with both of them. One works 72 hrs a week and doesn't have the time to be with me much, the other one makes time to be with me and keep me company. I am married to the worker and I keep him happy. I spend every minute of free time with him that he can spend with me but I am alone most of the time and that is when I spend time with the other father. I keep him happy too, he is so happy that I still love him. He knows my husband and my husband knows him but my husband doesn't understand how much I miss companionship. When I got married I didn't just want someone who would provide money I wanted the whole package, companionship, financial security, great love life and the ability to be open and honest about everything.

I have been spending time with both of them for the past year and I have cheated on my husband once (so far). I feel very complete when I have both of them in my life but I don't want my husband to ever find out that I spend time with someone else. It would really hurt him what should I do???

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  • You're lucking to have oyur husband haven't you ever heard of the 80 20 rule? Your husband is an 80 so you are looking for 20% more to make 100%. You find some guy who is the other 20% and leave your husband. Now you end up with 20% of a man and realize you just lost your 80% the rule always works this way!!! You're going to lose your husband soon if you don't stop f****** with that 20.

  • He works his ass off so you can sit around in HIS house and cheat with someone else? i would kill someone over that!

  • stop cheating. you'll end up losing your husband and then wat you gna do?

  • What a great example to set your children. Call yourself a mother? Child welfare people will know your name in the future I'm sure. Grow up and stop being so self-centred. Not once have you considered your children!

  • This sounds alot like my wife. I know that I spend my free time playing vidoe games and drinking, I don't like going out and I am a boring man. I hope this isn't her but if it is I'm sorry I have neglected you so badly. If you read this talk to me okay.

  • Let go of the second guy and get a divorce. Find a female friend to talk with. Jeez, don't your marriage vows mean anything to u?

  • I disagree with the above poster. It sounds like he's the only source of income for the household, and he's working long hours just to provide you with a home and comforts that you end up sharing with another man. I know you are lonely, I definitely sympathize with that, but I'm sure he doesn't feel like putting in 72 hr-weeks all the time either, but he does it for you and the kids.

    I agree with the first two commenters: let go of the second guy. What you think is love is really that attachment you feel for having your emotional needs met by this guy. I'm sure if you look deeper, you'll find you don't feel the same way about him as you do your husband. If you do choose your hubby (and I hope you do) try surprising him with a visit at work, or plan something for the two of you when he gets off - nothing big, but something that will help strengthen your bond, and make you feel less alone.

  • My advice is to divorce your husband. Your vows are now shot to h*** anyway. And besides, 72 hours weekly is too much. He clearly has chosen his career over a balanced life and time spent with you.

  • You know, you can decide to put yourself in or out of a situation like this. It may seem impossibly hard to give up the 2nd guy, but you need to make some decisions and then gradually, day after day, it will be easier to be with the one you love and the other will fade. My advice is to choose your husband.

  • He will find out..it is just a matter of when. He works long hours and you cheat on him.. this is not good for you or him.
    Everyone works for a living and is gone many hours weekly but not everyone is out with someone eles when their partner is working. Get over it and be loyal and responsible to your husband.

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