I have been married for almost four years, I have a beautiful 1 1/2 yr old seems great, except...My ex boyfriend and I have been texting each other about having an affair, I used to do it just for fun, but it started getting serious and now I am afraid something may happen between us. Worse of all, he is friends with my husband, and is married himself...I know I want to stay faithful, I love my husband and my married life, BUt sometimes temptation gets to stronge, so far I have been able to avoid it, But what if it I CAN'T HELP IT ONE DAY...I am kinda Freaking out...

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  • Stop texting your ex and be assertive to him.Tell him that you're going to stop texting him and you want him,
    to do the same :) If you love your husband, like you profess to, you'd stop your cheating ways. You haven't committed sexual cheating yet,but you've still cheated on your husband,because you've been texting your ex and you're tempted, to progress further. Delete his and all the texts, if you've saved the evidence of your cheating, don't be surprised, if you get caught.Focus on your marriage and child.If you need more love and attention, talk to your husband about it and refocus your attentions to your family, instead of your married ex :)

  • sorry...Urges...But you people should all take a reality pill...

  • ^Erges? Try taking an english course, sweetie!

  • All you people that posted bad comments...none of you are saints...I just am admitting to myself that every red blooded woman and man had erges sometimes...Sometimes forces are beyond your control...WAKE UP one is perfect. It happens

  • This is what you said:

    " I am afraid something may happen between us"

    If you know this, the answer is simple enough:



  • Stop the flirting and have your hubby kick the man to the curb. Nothing good comes out of having an seems nobody really finds that out until after it happens... I hope that isn't you. Make the right choice:)

  • you should tell you hubby your about your temptation. and tell this other guy how you feel you dont want things to get serious or he can just hit the bricks. your husband should be able to broom his freind for his wife

  • The fact you would entertain this idea just goes to prove you are too immature to handle a loving, adult relationship and should have never gotten married. As far as how much you want to be faithful, get off the cross because someone else needs the firewood.

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