i can't stand it when people "sign"

i can't stand it when people "sign" thier comments... This is annonymous. Stop writing your name. It's not like anyone can contact you anyway.

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  • I hate this comment because of rapeshark.

  • wtf is up with rape shark?

  • hahahaahahaa

  • who cares? if people want to..let em

  • RapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeSharkRapeShark

  • What up


  • the name is still anonymous .. you still don't know who it is .. maybe you should get a name .. how about c*********!!! lmao@u

    jojo :-P

  • I assume you mean that metaphorically, and if that's the case it's only because he gives good advice and doesn't come across as an a******, like you.

  • I think siteshrink has his c*** in about 75% of the mouths on this site

  • Only a******* do stuff like that

  • it's stupid. i agree

  • I like it when SiteShrink signs his name. I think it's cool.

  • What's wrong with it? I think it gives people more of a catharsis.

  • I know. F****** c****.

  • yes. me too.

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