Cheating with boyfriends friends

I can't seem to help myself, I am addicted to the thrill of cheating on my boyfriend especially when it's with his best friends. I regularly f*** 2 of his friends and have given another a b******* at a party we were all at one time. It gets me so h**** seducing them so easily that they would betray thier friend so they can have thier way with me. I Love being as naughty as i can and get away with it such as riding them in my boyfriends bed, or in another room while my boyfriend is asleep, trying to be as quiet as possible is such a thrill. My favourite thing to do though is f****** someone, letting them fill me up and then giving my boyfriend sloppy seconds and the funny thing is I always make him wear a condom so he has no idea I am filled with his friends c** hehe :)

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  • Wish you were my girlfriend

  • Its your p**** but what if you get crabs

  • You all should take a drive you wearing a short
    mini skirt, no panties tho and get so many guys in the car you have to set on someone's lap and let them slide their c**** into you and once they c** up you move to another until you drain them all, all in front of your BF.

  • That's AWSOME!

  • Have to say I do the very same .. Any relationship I've been in I've cheated the excitement of it all ... I've been with my boyfriends friends while we've been on nights out I've slept with his younger brother a few times and might sound bad but have had s** with his dad a lot, his dads often shot loads inside me and I've. Had my bf do me after or go down on me, sounds wrong but I just love it and won't stop my naughty ways ... --- Amy R---...

  • Nice! I would love to have a girlfriend like you

  • I know the feeling hun. My BGF's dad who's 55 this year has been hav8ing his way with me two weeks after I started going with his son and I'm about not to stop f****** him or should I say him f****** me. He also loves my tight ass. Except now I have to wear a turtle neck till my BF sucks on my neck for I have three hickeys and both nipples are bruised for the next few days. Ruff s** and I loved it for five hours.

  • You actually rock :) i wish my girlfriend would do this too me, i love to be sloppy seconds

  • U don't deserve him, hp u contract Aids, your fucken b****

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