Just hear me.

Problems with: Self-esteem. Anger. Depression. You name it i have a little bit of it.

Don't think ofr a second that I'm not posting this to whine about it..I just want someone to hear me.

I'm not happy, despite my upbeat attitude. And you may ask.. "Well tell someone, you idiot. Act the way you feel." Well the odd times that I'm quiet. The odd times I try to talk to my bestfriend all I get in return is judgement. I don't f****** want someone judging me! I want someone to listen. No judgements. Not even any advice. All I want is someone to lend an ear, open their heart to me.

I admit that people might not be too willing to listen because I push away thier efforts and tries to help or advise me. I know that I can be defensive and easily hurt but I can't help that. I've tried and I can't.

I just need someone to listen despite that. I wish someone like that existed.


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  • I'm listening.

  • They're long gone. You need to work on your turnaround time for virtue signaling.

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